Lynch at the Hammer Museum Article

Check out the great article over at I’m having some problems with my computer so it may be a while before I post the pics I shot at the event. Posts Twin Peaks Definitive Gold Box DVD Press Release

Both and have posted CBS/PAramounts official press release for the upcoming box set. Some excerpts from the release.

“Finally the pilot is together with the series. The picture looks clean with good color correction. The sound is really good,” said David Lynch. “I think this is a great definitive Twin Peaks Gold Set – the Gold represents the highest quality. A lot of work has gone in to this, and in my opinion it has really paid off.”

Kudos again to CBS/Paramount and Charles de Lauzirika for going the extra mile on this release. Thanks to Andrew for the link. Come discuss over at the Discussion Board.

Lynch at the Hammer Museum

I just got back from the INLAND EMPIRE screening at the Hammer Museum. It was an absolute blast! Before Lynch came out, they screened the Deleted Scenes from INLAND EMPIRE. They looked incredible. Afterwards, Lynch did a 10 minute interview and then took questions from the audience. The highlight of the Q&A was a question as to the progress of the studios releasing the FWWM Deleted Scenes. Lynch said that the scenes were very special to him and that they are still working on making it happen. To top off the night, after Lynch’s Q&A, the Valley Girls from INLAND EMPIRE came up on stage and did a live performance of their dance number from INLAND EMPIRE. I’ll be posting some pics from the event shortly over on the Messageboard. If anyone took any photos or video footage, please send it over!