Since the Official INLAND EMPIRE Website has posted some additional dates and cities to the Theatrical Schedule, I’ve been getting a ton of requests as to where INLAND EMPIRE will be playing in the posted cities. I’m still waiting to hear back from the guys at Absurda. In the meantime, if you know that INLAND EMPIRE is playing in your area, please add a post with the theater details to the following thread over at the INLAND EMPIRE Theater List Compilation.

Discussion Board Move

I’ve moved the discussion board to a new URL to try and cut down on some of the spam we’ve been getting. Be sure to update your bookmarks to

MK2 Discussion Board Raises Question about Twin Peaks FWWM DVD with Deleted Scenes

John Viola over at the FWWM Fight MySpace Page has brought to my attention that MK2 now has a new Messageboard where users can ask questions about upcoming DVD news. The question has been raised by a couple of fans as to what the current status is of the upcoming FWWM DVD and whether or not it will contain the long awaited Deleted Scenes that have been in talks with David Lynch for quite some time. John has asked that people continue to post messages in support of the DVD in hopes that they will finally respond publically. You can check it out over at Please note that the site is in French. We may want to check the site from time to time to see if MK2 responds. Thanks to John Viola for the news.