Episode 17

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Re: Episode 17

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Mr. Reindeer wrote: Fri May 21, 2021 5:41 am It may have possibly been better for the show at that point in time, but I don’t think it would have been better for the franchise overall. I think Bob’s brief appearance in E23 is a taste of what we might have expected (“HAHA!! COOP!! WHAT HAPPENED TO JOSIEEEE!!! HAHAHAHAHA”). Frankly, I just don’t think the show would have handled it well given how they were handling everything else at that point (including a lot of the Earle stuff which was so campy—not to mention the pretty awful Black Lodge stuff in the Episode 29 script). I’m personally glad Bob was left mostly intact for Lynch to make much more interesting use of in FWWM, as opposed to being watered down.
Yeah, I imagine at best it would have been the quality of Episode 15 and Episode 16 - but I'd still take that over what we got. (I like the ending of Episode 23, though, lol - so YMMV).
I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange.
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Re: Episode 17

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Does anyone know if Kyle McLachlan and Grace Zabriskie were on set together in their first scene of this episode (Cooper comforting Sarah)? They are never in the same shot together. And it looks like Cooper is sitting further away from her so it would be impossible for him to grab her hand without it looking horribly awkward. Just cracked me up on rewatch.
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