Bad blood between Frost and Lynch?

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Bad blood between Frost and Lynch?

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A quote from an interview with Frost:
Luke: "Did you understand what David Lynch's Mulholland Drive was all about?"

Mark: "It started as a conversation David and I were having about a sequel to Twin Peaks. We wanted to take the Audrey Horn character, played by Cheryl, to Hollywood. I proposed Mulholland Drive, which I lived on, as a title. He sold it as a pilot to ABC and then convinced the French that if he shot 45 more minutes, he could make something out of it. I haven't seen it. I heard it was a mess. I knew that the pilot was a mess.

"David's strength and weakness is that he is often able to transcend story because he's such a master creating mood. His failing is that he's not a strong storyteller. He doesn't have a lot of interest in telling a story. He's not as interested in character as fragments of personality. He's a surrealist."

Luke: "He's got a great eye for hot looking women."

Mark smiles: "That was always one of his strengths. The mistake that people make about David is that they assume he's an ironist [saying the opposite of what he means]. He's not. He's a sincere simple guy. He doesn't work things out. He's not that good in logic. When people spend a lot of energy trying to figure out exactly what he meant by Mulholland Drive, I can assure you that he didn't know.
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Re: Bad blood between Frost and Lynch?

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I wouldn't call that conversation "bad blood." He's just explaining how David works, which I am sure was frustrating to him at times. It sure is for his fans...
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Re: Bad blood between Frost and Lynch?

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Well, I think David being "often able to transcend story because he's such a master creating mood" is an incredibly apt description. Although in my opinion that makes the following "he's not a good storyteller" all the more wrong, like some of the other remarks ("not that good in logic"). To me it sounds he's slightly bitter about Lynch making Mulholland Dr. without him and not giving any credit. But I don't think that this is necessarily something he still holds against Lynch.
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Re: Bad blood between Frost and Lynch?

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His words seem so hateful. Frost tried to take Lynch's myth off.
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