Mystery of the Festival Poster Unveiled

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Mystery of the Festival Poster Unveiled

Post by Annie »

From The Daily at Cannes: Thursday evening, on the red-carpeted steps, the Cannes Festival will be revealing the artist who posed for David Lynch and whom the Festival chose as an emblem for its 61st edition.

A dancer by profession, Anouk Margueritte currently works for the Paris Crazy Horse, famous throughout the world for its shows based on plays of light and shadow and body choreography; a work on light, which reveals as much as it hides, similar to cinematographic composition.
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Re: Mystery of the Festival Poster Unveiled

Post by Hervé Love »

Congratulations Annie !

That's right : the model, who posed for David Lynch, is Anouk Margueritte, whose Crazy Horse's surname is Nooka Caramel. ... d=80817413

Actually, the festival poster is a Lynch picture extracted from the "FETISH" exhibition he made last year in Paris.
Discussion about that exhibition here :
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