David Bowie – Rest in Peace

David Bowie – Rest in Peace

The following excerpt was taken from a Twin Peaks press kit I acquired back in 1991 that I felt was appropriate to share today:

David Bowie comments on his experience with Lynch: “It’s like watching a 14-year-old who’s been given permission to rearrange the world for eight weeks. Invigorating. I highly recommend working with David. He’s delightfully and dedicatedly bonkers.”

As for playing Phillip Jeffries, missing FBI Agent, Bowie says: “My character is an intensely over-travelled upholder of the law. He has seen too much and has little ability to do much about it. Not dissimilar to the perspective of a rock god, really.”

Commenting on his wardrobe in the film Bowie adds: “I stole the belt my character was prone to wear. I’ve worn it a few times on stage with Tin Machine. It consists of two rather garish portraits of Freida Kahlo. A very “now” item. I’m hoping it will lead to a court case producing massive exposure on CNN. Otherwise, I sell it to the highest bidder…or Madonna, perhaps.”

Tonight, I will dim the lights and re-watch David Bowie’s Deleted Scenes to Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. A small piece of the magic that is David Bowie, the man who made us believe that we live inside a dream.

David Bowie, Rest in Peace