David Lynch Music Launches Twin Peaks Archive an Open Album
David Lynch Music Launches Twin Peaks Archive an Open Album

David Lynch Music Launches Twin Peaks Archive an Open Album

With the launch of the new David Lynch.com, one of the most exciting treats was the announcement of a Twin Peaks Open Archive. Here is what the site reports:

Deer Meadow Shuffle is the first installment in The Twin Peaks Archive, an ‘open album’ platform intended for unveiling rare and unreleased music from both the television series as well as the feature film prequel, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.

Deer Meadow Shuffle should be instantly recognized as the sparse jazz instrumental that stitches together several early Fire Walk With Me scenes. This particular version of the cue comes off of the original DAT mix and features the full 5 min 20 sec of the track (:40 sec longer than what is featured in the film). When downloading Deer Meadow Shuffle, you will also receive the ‘film version’ of the track, taken directly from the mag mix of the film’s music stem. The ‘film version’ is an interesting blend of several other layered cues (a common occurrence for most of the musical sequences in the film and series), woven throughout the track almost like sound design to push/pull onscreen moments. Side-by-side, these two tracks allow for unique insight into the evolution of music from studio to screen.

The site also had this to say regarding the music content on the site:

I see a lot of music on the site, but there seems to be a lot of Lynch-related music missing. Why aren’t there more songs from David’s movies like ‘Lost Highway’ and ‘Mulholland Drive?’

Soundtracks are tricky because they involve a great deal of accounting in order to report and deliver payment to many of the various artists that usually appear together on a single compilation. This is one reason why the original soundtrack to ‘INLAND EMPIRE’ is not currently featured on the site. Instead, an alternate compilation has been included that highlights David’s original music for the film. With that being said, it is likely that material from any one of David’s movies will show up on the site in the near future once our infrastructure grows.