In The Trees – Art Exhibit Report

In The Trees – Art Exhibit Report

It all started with a surprising turnout, I had thought there was another event at first nearby when I saw a line stretching the length of a city block and growing. It was estimated that there may have been an expected turnout of 2,000 people total tonight alone.

My thanks to the warm welcome from Clay, Tanya and Bronson (I hope I remembered the names correctly). Clay and I talked about how we watched the series when it originally aired and the anticipation of upgrading our originally aired tapings of the series to DVD.

The venue was packed, all three stories, and I was unable to see everything that was there. Besides what was in the previews floating around, there were several prints by DL himself from other photo series he’s done. The merchandise was exciting (my poor bank account!). DL’s organic coffee was available for purchase as well as a book of poetry by Grace Zabriskie.

Among the celebrities there were Catherine Coulson, Kimmie Robertson and Grace Zabriskie. There also was notice given that the event was being filmed by CBS. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it will be an extra in an, as yet unscheduled, Blu Ray Twin Peaks set.

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