Maclachlan Talks Webisodes in Empire Magazine and More

Maclachlan Talks Webisodes in Empire Magazine and More

In a recent issue of Empire magazine in the UK, they did a piece on the new UK Gold Box DVD set. There were some great quotes from the cast and creators of Twin Peaks. In one quote, Kyle Maclachlan discusses how the Twin Peaks webisodes rumor got started. For those of you without access to the magazine, you can read the quotes below:

David Lynch: You never say never, but I don’t know. I doubt it’s going to happen. It would have to be an unbelievably compelling story to get me to go back there again, but as I always say, I love the world of Twin Peaks, and I had a great time being in that world.

Kyle Maclachlan: I made the mistake last year of saying that this idea of a webisode would be a great way to revisit Twin Peaks. The quote got picked up and went around the world in about two seconds, so I’m not gonna make that mistake again! But it would be very interesting to return, because Agent Cooper was a real fun character to do.

Sheryl Lee: I would work with David any time on anything.

Mark Frost: We’ve talked about reuniting. It’s difficult, because of where everybody is in life now. We’ve all moved on, and I don’t know that we could pull all that together. It would be quite a challenge.

Ray Wise: It would be great. Fire Walk With Me was just a joy to do. I remember having a conversation with David where he said that Twin Peaks is still there, the town is still there, and lot of those people are still there, so it wasn’t a dead issue in his mind. Who knows?

Thanks to John Holten for the news!