Mark Frost Talks Twin Peaks Continuation – Updated

Mark Frost Talks Twin Peaks Continuation – Updated

There’s a great new interview over at with Mark Frost.  An interesting thing that Mark mentions is that a few years back, there was actually some talk of picking up where they left off:

Screenrush: Do you think we’ll ever see a resolution?
Mark Frost: “Maybe so, there has been a lot of talk of the years of finding some way to round it off and we did explore that a couple of years ago, but it became impractical from a story standpoint. I mean all the actors are 20 years older, it’s a little harder to sell that Audrey is still in high school. It was great fun while it lasted, and it’s certainly fun to see that people are still enjoying it today.”

I had actually heard that the Gold Box was such a great success that it prompted studio execs to approach Frost and Lynch for another go at it. At the time, I figured it was just a rumor, but it seems that there actually was some truth to the rumor. Thanks to John Holten for the news!


The List also has an excellent interview with Mark Frost by Murray Robertson that further discusses Frost exploring a continuation of Twin Peaks.

Mark Frost: We did talk briefly – about four or five years ago – about possibly trying to come up with a way to go back and round-off the story where we’d left it. But in the end it just proved to be a bridge too far, we couldn’t quite make it happen.

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