Report from Book Soup Signing
Report from Book Soup Signing

Report from Book Soup Signing

This comes to us from OwlFlavored:

I was in attendance at Book Soup last night. The line down Sunset Blvd was pretty long, maybe a couple hundred people waiting to get their stuff signed. I got there about 7:30, half an hour before they opened the doors. A bunch of people were unwrapping new copies of Dark Night of the Soul, so they must have been selling them outside or just inside the doorway beforehand so as to keep traffic to a minimum once the line started to move toward Lynch.

The doors opened, and people started to file inside slowly. As I got closer to the door, I could hear Angel’s Harp from DNotS playing over some speakers, and they continued to play through the album on speakers both inside and outside of Book Soup as we progressed. The line filed single file around the perimeter of Book Soup, and finally when it reached the very back of the store, you could see Danger Mouse, Sparklehorse and David Lynch all lined up. There were some security guards enforcing a no pictures policy, which was a bummer.

To be honest, we were moved along kinda quickly and most people just sort of said a little hello, got their item signed and then moved on. Danger Mouse, and particularly Sparklehorse, looked a little upset, because most people were ignoring them in favor of seeing more of David Lynch in person. To be fair, the event did give Lynch top billing, and he is much of more a legend, despite Danger Mouse’s success with Gnarls Barkley and Gorrillaz, and I hadn’t heard of Sparklehorse before this album.

David looked very happy, and shook everyone’s hand. As he was shaking my hand, I told him that I wanted to thank him, because he had given me a scholarship to learn TM through his foundation a few years ago. He looked really happy, and asked me how I’ve been enjoying it. I told him that I’m loving it, and he said in true Lynch fashion: “good deal!” Then he shook my hand again, and I thanked him again- I didn’t know what else to say because I was nervous to meet him, and he said to me and a couple of my friends that I was with “see ya later!” and we left.

Despite how mundane the event was, just people lined up to get things signed without much of a dialogue, there was still some weird energy in the back of that room. I went from bored to nervous in about one second. Weird, but it was great nonetheless.

Thanks to OwlFlavored for the report!