Help Dugpa Name that Tune Contest

While I am anxiously awaiting Amazon to ship my CD of Fox Bat Strategy, I’ve been thinking a lot about music in general. For about 16 years or so, I’ve had a tune stuck in my head that I had heard in a night club in Los Angeles. Over the years I’ve tried to figure out who the artist was for this song and where I could find it. I tried contacting DJs of the night club with no luck, humming the song to friends of mine, and even checking out some of those online song recognition websites. No luck at all. Just imagine having a ong stuck in your head for 16 years… the pain.. oh the pain… The song is what I would call an ethereal song that is reminiscent of stuff you’d hear from This Mortal Coil or even Cocteau Twins. It was likely published before 1998 but to be honest, the exact date I’m pretty fuzzy on. The song most likely had a female singer. Last night, I did a rendition of the song from memory via a midi file. It’s a poor attempt but I’m hoping that someone may be able to help me identify this song.

So here is the challenge. Listen to the song clip I created by clicking here. If you can identify this song and I can verify the song you identified matches the song I’ve been desperately searching for, you will receive an item from my personal Twin Peaks/David Lynch collection. Please forward the clip to any music buffs that you think can help ID this song. You can send your submissions to Thanks in advance!