Twin Peaks Season 2 US DVD Contest
Twin Peaks Season 2 US DVD Contest

Twin Peaks Season 2 US DVD Contest

CBS/Paramount Presents Twin Peaks: Season 2 on DVD Official Contest Page

The contest is now closed. Congratulations to Ronald Barton for winning first prize in the contest!

1. During the Miss Twin Peaks Contest, which of Windom Earle’s queens did not dance on the stage?

Audrey Horne

2. Who shot Agent Cooper in the finale of Season 1?

Josie Packard

3. Name at least two ingredients that are suggested to Sheriff Harry S. Truman to cure his hangover.

“You take a glass of nearly frozen unstrained tomato juice, you plop a couple of oysters in there, you drink it down. Breathe deeply. Next, you take a mound, and I mean a mound, of sweetbreads. Saute ’em with some chestnuts and some Canadian Bacon. Finally, biscuits. Big biscuits. Smothered in gravy, now here’s where it gets tricky, you’re gonna need some anchovies…” “Raw meat, and plenty of it. You break an egg on it. Add in some salted anchovies, Tabasco and Worchester sauce.”

4. Which character catches the eye of FBI Regional Chief Gordon Cole while visiting Twin Peaks?

Shelly Johnson

5. What is the second penguin’s response in the joke Cooper tells Annie?

“Maybe I am…”

6. According to Windom Earle, what is another name for evil sorcerors who cultivate evil for the sake of evil?


Prizes courtesy of CBS/Paramount and Special Ops Media.