SPOILERS: Inconsistencies in the Secret History of Twin Peaks

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Re: SPOILERS: Inconsistencies in the Secret History of Twin Peaks

Postby AXX°N N. » Fri Feb 14, 2020 7:32 pm

DoppelBocker wrote:Just a thought I wanted to add concerning grey aliens that we see in this book yet not so much in the series.

I think it was in the show, actually. The description of the alien that is seen verifiably by a character and described to us is very, very similar to the Experiment as we see it in Part 1. Plus much of the rest of the book seems to be presenting information familiar to us in our reality, while winking and inbetween the lines suggesting that the actual case is simply the mythology of the Black Lodge as we see it in the show. Albeit, interpreted into greys, much like owls in real life have been posited as the inspiration for greys and the Flatwoods Monster.

As for the rest of your post, extremely interesting stuff, though I'd reccomend more punctuation. :o

It's clear Frost is aware of these tropes and furnishes the mythology with it. It reminds me a great deal of the Tulpas when you talk about clones that don't feel right, and the Doppelganger when he tries to be convincingly human in the prison interview and fails miserably. In fact so much of what you wrote makes me think of Doppelcoop's behavior, though he's more of a renegade than part of a hivemind.

The talk of ascension reminds me of Kabbalah, which is my preferred lens through which to view the TP mythos. It is, after all, a philosophy of analysis for the Bible, and lends itself well to analyze lots other stuff; just ask Joseph Campbell and Jung! The description (or belief) that greys are unable to ascend fits very well with the idea in Kabbalah of those that travel the tree of life, and those that are merely golums filled with darkness. It's of course worth noting that in Kabbalah the whole framework of reality is like that of buddhism, which is that the surface world is an illusion; and that, like Laura and Sarah, the body is merely a vessel filled with either light or dark, and ascension is a matter of casting off outer reality (a 'transformational' view of death exactly mirrored in when the Log Lady's death is treated in such a powerful and fulfilling way) as opposed to those who calcify, refusing to let go, and festering, literally becoming a demon out of stubborn will to cling (ala Sarah, who is tormented and imprisoned in grief).
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