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House in Blue Velvet

Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2017 9:32 pm
by Framed_Angel
Well now, with Twin Peaks The Return's finale, we've become aware that the actual owner of the house (that was featured as Leland, Sarah & Laura's house in both TP and FWWM) was willing not only to lend her house to filming again but appear herself -- I have a personal question that I doubt anyone would know how to answer but:

I've been planning to go w/ a friend to a family gathering in Wilmington NC in a couple of weekends. I've never been to Wilmington but I know the house that was used for Sandy Williams' family was there, and I think other scenes in BV might have been filmed around the town as well? If you're in the know about any of those, whether the house still is there and I might drive by without looking like a stalker? :wink: .. Also other places from the movie in the Wilmington NC area.