List of start times for each scene

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List of start times for each scene

Postby Gibra » Sun Sep 11, 2016 7:31 am

Much respect to Lynch's decision to omit chapter stops, but I hope this proves a helpful guide to those who enjoy analyzing MH scene by scene. Apologies if someone already made a list like this, but I haven't seen it posted. This is for the American Blu-Ray release.

0:00 Jitterbug
2:25 Pillow
3:00 Credits/Car Ride
5:07 Accident
7:50 Rita on Mulholland Dr.
10:35 Aunt Ruth
12:19 Dan at Winkie's
17:17 Rita, briefly
17:19 Phone call chain
18:27 Betty arrives
24:17 Betty meets Rita
28:24 Adam's espresso meeting
35:07 Rita sleeping
35:21 Mr. Roque
36:54 Hitman
42:20 Rita finds money and key
45:24 Hitman and hooker
46:20 Betty and Rita talk; Rita remembers Mulholland Dr.
47:05 Adam goes home
52:48 Betty and Rita hide money in hatbox
53:30 Betty and Rita visit Winkie's
55:54 Betty and Rita call Diane Selwyn
57:05 Gangster visits Adam's house
58:28 Cookie's hotel
1:02:28 Louise Bonner
1:05:12 The Cowboy
1:09:58 Betty rehearses
1:14:03 The audition
1:22:54 Betty sees Adam on set
1:27:15 "This is the girl"
1:28:05 Sierra Bonita
1:37:10 Haircut
1:38:30 Sex scene
1:44:18 Club Silencio
1:53:17 Betty and Rita back home
1:55:30 Into the box
1:56:00 Aunt Ruth again
1:56:55 "Time to wake up"
1:57:16 Neighbor retrieves dishes
2:00:00 Camilla's back
2:02:15 More sex
2:03:43 Diane visits Adam's set
2:05:52 Diane and Camilla fight
2:06:06 Masturbating
2:07:17 Camilla calls Diane
2:08:40 Car ride to party
2:10:00 Shortcut
2:11:22 Adam's house again
2:12:58 Diane's story
2:16:45 Diane with hitman at Winkie's
2:18:38 Man behind Winkie's
2:19:40 Diane sits at home
2:20:32 Old couple arrive
2:21:27 Gunshot
2:22:40 "Silencio"


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