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Mullholland Drive clues

Postby Specialagentjeffries » Sat Apr 25, 2015 2:01 pm

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share some interpretations that I really don't see very often when I look for an explanation of the film online. I'd like to have your opinion about them.

- We should all agree that the first part, until Diane wakes up, is a dream Diane has after she had killed Camilla. In this dream, she remodels her past in the best possible way for her.

- In the Silencio Club (the end of her dream), Betty is the only one who is physically affected (she starts to shake) by the Magician speech (about everything being fake, like her dream). I see it as her dream beginning to crumble down.

- The knocking on Diane's door before her suicide, that makes her panic: for me, it's clearly the police inspectors that want to question her about Camilla's murder ( her neighbor warned her that they were looking for her). In fact, in her dream as Betty, Camilla and Betty try several times to avoid people in black suits that could be policemen.

- I strongly believe that the elderly couple is Diane's aunt Ruth and her uncle, in Diane's reality. We see them at the end of the jitterbug contest, cheering with Diane.
At Adam's place, Diane explained that her aunt left her some money after her death, to help her settle in Hollywood. This is money she uses for killing Camilla. That's why, for me, she seems haunted by guilt after killing Camilla and the elderly couple nags her (like her guilty conscience) before making suicide.

Sorry for my poor English.
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Jonatan Silva
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Re: Mullholland Drive clues

Postby Jonatan Silva » Sun Apr 26, 2015 7:20 am

Hello pal,

I think the link bellow will help you. The Lynch's 10 clues might help you to understand the movie:

I also did some comments on this forum about particular question on MD. I hope this help you too:
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Re: Mullholland Drive clues

Postby Bone-eater » Mon Oct 19, 2015 12:11 pm

Someone once said to me they thought the cowboy with the hats on the wall was God, but a power hungry God. The film maker with the glasses obeys God's words and is successful in life. The blonde girl (sorry can't remember the name; been a long time) doesn't obey God and ends up a failure and commits suicide. I always thought it was a interesting interpretation.


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