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Possible explanation (interpretation)

Postby Tomcat.C » Mon Oct 12, 2009 11:42 pm

Diane Selwyn living in the Canadian town of Deep River won a local dance competition. Her aunt living in L.A. died and left her money. Diane leaves for LA, where she wants to become a successful Hollywood actress. She live in the rental apartment. She participants will audition actors for the lead role in the film "The Story of Sylvie North". Older director Bob Broker but the main role filled by a better actress - Camilla Rhodes. Diane is familiar with Camilla, and their friendship grows into lesbian love.

Camilla becomes a successful actress in films, where she plays a major role in promoting the roles Diane. Young director Adam Kesher picks for the main role of his new film to Camilla. Adam catchs his wife for infidelity. Divorced and leaves the court as a winner. He won most of the property and house. When shooting falls in love with Camilla. Camilla gradually terminating the relationship with Dianne. Invites her to Adam's house to party. Men who limousine piggybacking Diane unexpectedly stop on Mulholland Drive. Diane is startled. Then everything explained. Surprise invented Camilla, which diverts Diane cut to the house. In the house Diane talking with Adam and Adam's mother informs those present that he will marry with Camilla. Diane notices a man with cowboy hat.

Diane decides to avenge Camilla. The restaurant Winkies encounters with bounty killer, who forwarded a photo of Camilla aunt's money. Killer tells Diane that after he made the murder, it sends a key and show it. Diane asks from what it is. This is an absurdity he laughed. Diane notices that the waitress who is serving is called Betty and meet eyes with an unknown man who, despite not knowing that rebukes the contract killing, but it unconsciously sense.

Since then, this man named Dan, haunting frightening dream. Sitting in the restaurant at the table where Diane sat with murderer and a friend who pays at the counter, behind the walls of a guy with a terrible face. To get rid of nightmares, invites his friend to the restaurant. A friend named Herb, and after hearing this dream come to check what is behind the wall. Dan gets a heart attack caused by his imagination and dies.

Killer executed contract and sends the key Diane. Diane moves into the next apartment. Regretting his actions, because despite all the love was Camilla. Takes pills and sleep.

If we build on the "Interpretation of Dreams" by Sigmund Freud and his definition of a dream that goes something like this: "The dream is an illusion based on fragments of reality in order to fulfill the wishes of the sleeping." Diane it would follow a dream he interpreted as follows --

A woman who goes in the limousine after Mulholland Drive is Camilla. Does her face and in her dream will call Rita. The reality is that in the same situation was Diane. Men want Rita (Camilla) to kill, but will not lead them to. Diane would like in her dream Camille save their decision to return back.

In the dream Diane called Betty because she read the name in the restaurant Winkies. In the dream aunt leaves the house in which Betty (Diane) moves. Diane finds her death (she left - she died) and wishes to move into a nice house on Mulholland Drive as Camilla. Betty (Diane), her dazzling art of acting for bankruptcy. In fact, it probably blew Diane talent or not, because otherwise it would be as successful actress Camilla and her lover did not have to look for the supporting role (see interview with Adam's mother). Blame for that can not enforce, but the film gives intrigue of bosses.

Rita (Camilla) has a blue key in her handbag. The key is the death of Camille. In a dream than reality, only seem bigger and blue. Diane was curious about the reality of what is, therefore, in a dream, there is a blue key connections - blue box.

In the dream, Adam is thrown out of her house is filthy and it looks like it is broke. Diane would have wanted it that way that he prepared her for love Camilla. In fact, Adam rich profited financially from divorce.

Cowboy - man, who saw Diane at the party. In the dream, acting as a messenger of warning from the film bosses. Coco - mother of Adam. On the party was tolerant to Diane. In the dream, therefore, appears as a kind landlady. Silencio club - has implied that Diane asleep.

When Diane awakens from a dream, realize again reality. Pass the neighbor with whom he exchanged a flat, her things and then remembers the Camilla and see her in imagination. Remorse, irreversibility of decisions and fear of punishment (the neighbor mentioned that detectives looking for Diane) eventually lead to suicide.


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