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Postby D0ppelgangerDale » Thu Nov 15, 2007 9:46 pm

As I said in another thread, if Laura's killer HAD to be revealed during the second season, it should have been done at or very near the end. I'm open to the viewpoints of other people on a lot of topics, but revealing the killer mid-season was, without a doubt, an utterly nonsensical, bone-headed move. As a result of the mid-season revelation, the second season feels disjointed and somewhat anti-climactic. Episodes 17 through 27 feel more like a third season than a logical continuation of the events through episode 16. The Earle plot should have been introduced and resolved fairly quickly during the middle of the second season because Earle was a poor substitute for the murder mystery.

My perfect fan-edit would achieve the above. I'd also like to see Audrey replace Annie as the victor of the Miss Twin Peaks contest, but that would require more than an edit.
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Postby Audrey Horne » Thu Nov 15, 2007 10:29 pm

well, there wasn't much of a choice -they kind of were forced to -let's call it pressured. it's a tricky situation, because the ratings were slipping and people were feeling they were being toyed with regarding a resolution. So if they hadn't revealed Laura's killer until the end, no one might have still been watching.

I guess the trick would be how to satisfy the viewers, and then pull a twist to keep them hooked. The strength up to that point was you had your favorite characters, but never fully knew if they were the killer -even Cooper! Perhaps I would have revealed the killer and kept Leland alive and when will he strike again -or even better when he dies, cut to many quick scenes of all the main characters jolted by something, revealing that BOB has jumped again into one of the main characters and now the mystery is who is he in? Then Laura and Leland could still be explored and continually unpeeled in layers while still searching for a new killer/culprit.

The Annie/Audrey stuff is only so disjointed because essentially the writers are dividing the same story in half -Cooper and Audrey are having the same story happen in the same episodes, so it's like we're watching it twice. Obviously, to accomodate the show's two most popular characters. -Audrey and Annie even give the same speech at the Miss Twin Peaks pagent.
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