Wisteria. What we know...

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Wisteria. What we know...

Postby Mr. Jackpots » Thu Dec 03, 2020 6:11 pm

I really just wanted to be the one start this thread.

Like a lot of you, I expect to be scrounging the interweb for the next year and half or so looking for crumbs of information in regards to this Wisteria project.

What we know:
Lynch has partnered with Netflix to write and direct a new project for the streaming service.
It will begin shooting in May 2021.
Lynch has started a new production company "A2K", presumably to work on the project.

A couple questions I have that I hear conflicting speculation about:
Is it a series or a film?
Is Wisteria the title of the thing or more of a working title?

And just want to say that I'm super excited to see Lynch return to the screen. I honestly had my doubts that there would even be another film or series of real significance from David Lynch.

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Re: Wisteria. What we know...

Postby JackwithOneEye » Thu Dec 03, 2020 8:07 pm

- Wisteria could be tentative/cover tile, like Rancho Rosa. so there is precedent. Dunno if DL has had temp titles in past.
though TP was Northwest Passage and South Dakota (?) at one time were place holder titles before Twin Peaks was decided on.

- Mark Frost not involved (denied twice)

- Calvert Studios booked for shooting.

- 200 day production schedule - source on that - I don't know. is that something coming from Calvert, I'm not sure. I think TP: Return was 141 days (?)
I've worked in Film & TV and that productiion weekly trade mag does get intel from sound stages who often book office space / wardrobe space as well as studio space.
and I'd guess their source is Calvert.

- Budget/ Amount of episodes comes from a person on Reddit who got the title Wisteria correct. I'd be careful about accepting that as fact.
possibly a reincarnation of Arbogast or that could be a person at Netflix office who overheard or saw some paperwork.
pitch meetings budget can be all over the place. The filmmakers tend to ask for too much, that $85 mill could be something asked for, and the studio
tends to talk them down. 13 episode - going over 60 min each - possible I think. I thin the 20 something episode count might
be based on if 50 min each / guess based on length of shoot being longer than TP:Return, but I'd be more inclined to think 13 eps over an hour.

- Laura Dern heavily rumored, movie hole article, may be based on this rumor of Dern and Watts being spotted at Netflix office, though these are in demand
high profile actors, and do lots of projects. so I dunno if I would read too into that. Everybody wants to work with them.

- Peter Deming on Instagram said he didnt know if he involved.

- I dont think it's the Robert Johnson project, that book has been optioned by someone else.
expansion of the Antelope project or Ronnie Rocket, who knows.

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