Filming started on Twin Peaks 30 years ago

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Jerry Horne
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Re: Filming started on Twin Peaks 30 years ago

Postby Jerry Horne » Thu Feb 21, 2019 9:35 pm

krishnanspace wrote:Thanks a lot Jerry for posting this!!!

Of course. No problem. At some point I should put together a shooting timeline for all of Season One if it isn't out there already.
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Re: Filming started on Twin Peaks 30 years ago

Postby Soolsma » Thu Feb 21, 2019 11:16 pm

Mr. Reindeer wrote:I believe the real-world reason Laura was murdered on that date is simply that they shot the scene of Cooper driving into Twin Peaks on 2/24, and Kyle just said the actual date they were shooting. (It’s a completely different date in the script.) They then stuck with that date (mostly) in future episodes/media, in a solid showing of attention to continuity.

That's great. That's the connection I was looking for :) So cool that at the very beginning of all this, there's already that same connection between our world and theirs. 2/24, such a faithful day! Also ultimately the day that time was splintered off.

Now that I think of it, and I had to check your timeline for this, the night of 2/21 to 2/22 is right when Laura had her lodge dream in which she tried to tell Cooper that name of the killer. (Holy smokes, that's actually right around the HOUR I am typing this.)

I'm seeing cosmic connections here. Sweet.
Carrie Page: "It's a long way... In those days, I was too young to know any better."
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Phillip Jeffries_40
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Re: Filming started on Twin Peaks 30 years ago

Postby Phillip Jeffries_40 » Fri Feb 22, 2019 10:01 am

Mr. Strawberry wrote:
Phillip Jeffries_40 wrote:
Mr. Strawberry wrote:Our collective gut feelings -- our collective suspicions of future knowledge -- contradict this statement.

You say "nothing" when you have been given everything you asked for and more, and now you are mistaking a want for a need, and that's why you are only perceiving emptiness where there is plentiful bounty.

Remember yesterday when you thought there was nothing, and that there would be nothing. Then remember to never say never.

Future knowledge? I don,t understand.

In other words at many points in the past I've felt that something is going to happen before it actually does, feel that something is going to happen now, and many others share in that feeling.

I hope

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