Knowing what we know now, why in the world was Theresa Banks' murder a Blue Rose case?

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Re: Knowing what we know now, why in the world was Theresa Banks' murder a Blue Rose case?

Postby AXX°N N. » Thu Aug 02, 2018 8:08 am

I've had this problem as well, thinking it over ... and could also only come to the conclusion Gordon knew something we aren't told. Perhaps, as outlined in TSHOTP, the fact that the Pacific Northwest is a hotspot for these kind of things was enough. Maybe, because we're shown that Gordon communicates in terms of symbols, he took the dying words of Lois Duffy, 'I am like the blue rose,' and had some creative thinking occur when he read that this particular body was wrapped like a bouquet on open water, blue from cyanosis ...

MoondogJR wrote:Just thinking out loud here and obviously just a guess that is probably way off...

I've thought in the same direction... What's more, she's seen in the same motel (perhaps not the same location, at least at the time of FWWM plotting?) that is later used for the Ducthman's, where we know the Convenience Store is not too far away, and is suggested to be the place Tulpas are created. The fact that she is shown having no parents (at least in FWWM), has the ring, is in the location of the Chalfonts, and does (at least on her own volition?) things of benefit to MIKE, certainly raises a few questions ...
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Re: Knowing what we know now, why in the world was Theresa Banks' murder a Blue Rose case?

Postby kitty666cats » Thu Aug 02, 2018 7:57 pm

Mentioning the ring is a really good call. In TSHOTP, Richard Nixon tells Douglas Milford that Gordon Cole is the only guy in the government that Milford can trust. If Nixon and Cole ever met in person, maybe Cole saw Nixon worrying the ring and became aware of it... perhaps Lois Duffy had the ring too! Perhaps Cole has low-key kept tabs on the ring over the years?

^ Now, this theory about the ring clearly isn't the actual storytelling intentions of Frost and Lynch. But at least it kinda fits, and is fun to think about!

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