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"The Great Southern" Festival 2017 Celebrates FWWM Anniversary!

Posted: Sat Aug 26, 2017 10:23 am
by Framed_Angel
Anyone else planning to attend this weekend?
I live in Richmond but have never been to this festival. I think Charlotte Stewart was a guest who attended last year or the one before.

On their FB pg you can see the events planned, including a screening of FWWM Sunday night, a listening party Saturday and somewhere in there is a Best Costume contest. "Fire Brunch With Me", to be served at a local restaurant Sunday, has some cool offerings on the menu including a Bloody Mary named/ crafted in honor of Sarah Palmer.

Lots of criticism for scheduling the Fire Walk With Me screening up against Sunday evening's TP:TR Part 16 airing.
Since I watch The Return via hulu, I think I'd rather see the film in the company of other fans and then when I'm home tune in to Part 16. I haven't got many acquaintances who are as into TP as I am so to meet others in person who do enjoy it would be an opportunity hard to pass up (especially diehard fans not as much into The Return who, like me, don't need to see it at its precise air time but rather at one's leisure)~