Season 3, The First Draft - Speculation etc.

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Re: Season 3, The First Draft - Speculation etc.

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eyeboogers wrote:
Soolsma wrote:Actually, I think the voice on the phone was David Lynch. But that's just my personal belief. Just like he most likely voiced TEOTA. Pretty sure the story is meant to imply it's Judy on the phone.
Many months ago I tried my best with sound editing soundware to see if any secrets could be uncovered that way. I can't say for sure if it's Zabrieskie's voice or not, but it's definitely not Lynch, and once the vocal distortion gets cleaned up a bit it is possible to notice shades of a somewhat strong southern accent. Which we know Grace can do, but which I've never heard from Lynch.
Were you the one who posted that on reddit too then? If so, could you post that link so I can see if I can be convinced :)
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Re: Season 3, The First Draft - Speculation etc.

Post by vicksvapor77 »

Mr. Reindeer wrote:Just process of elimination. I think the most logical theories have been that it’s either Jeffries or Judy. Mark confirmed explicitly that it’s not actually Jeffries.

He also drops one further tidbit: the caller is trying to get info from Mr. C to gain access to someone’s location. I took this to mean Judy is trying to find Briggs (who’s part of the key opposition against her along with Cooper and Cole, and by far the most powerful of the three). The caller explicitly mentions that Mr. C was with Briggs. As we’ve seen, despite Mr. C killing Briggs, his disembodied head lives on and seems to continue to be a threat to Judy. Maybe she thinks Mr. C has further insight about how to locate and destroy Briggs.

It’s also possible that Mark means the caller is trying to gain info to Bob’s location, which would keep Mike in play as a candidate (another theory I’ve read), but given the NY reference, I find Judy much more likely (recall that the glass box was financed by Mr. C....I see the line “I missed you in NY” as a taunt about the fact that she escaped his trap).
Thanks for the explanation! I will have to think about this. But I think the "I will be with Bob again" might mean Judy was trying to determine Bob's location. Like maybe she didn't know he was inside of Mr. C? Or I guess once Mr. C goes back to the Red Room, she knows it would somehow "free" the parasite of Bob? I'm not sure. I feel there was a lot about the origins of evil aka Bob and Judy in The Final Dossier that may lead down this road of interpretation.
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