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The sound design/use of music on IMPRESSIONS on the Season 3 bluray. What the hell were they thinking???

Posted: Fri Mar 23, 2018 3:56 am
by tid
The extensive documentary contains so much wonderful candid footage, totally undermined by beyond IRRITATING and obtrusive music and poorly mixed sound design. The attempt at trying to be avant-garde and 'Lynchian' ends up as being amateurish and irritating, in the overblown way it constantly calls attention to itself. It takes the viewer out of the zone, with the grating sound/music in the foreground, often taking over Lynch's dialogue. It is like the sound is more important than the image here.

This is such valuable footage, I wonder if some audio/tech savvy individual could remove the music altogether, so we can enjoy the reality of Lynch on set? I would love to see that.