Keeping Track of the Blue Rose Timeline

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Keeping Track of the Blue Rose Timeline

Postby Mr. Reindeer » Wed Mar 21, 2018 8:51 pm

I’m working on getting my TP timeline straight, which is tougher than I expected given the sporadically nonlinear edit of TP:TR (which is nothing particularly shocking to those familiar with the BV or FWWM scripts and the scene-shifting that occurred in editing of the final products....unfortunately, in this case, we have a sprawling continent-spanning 18-hour work, and do not have access to the original script). Wardrobe changes are an invaluable resource in detemining that scenes were scripted/shot to take place on the same or different days; however, this can also end up being a perplexing curse, at least in terms of the Blue rose timeline. Can anyone make sense of this?

Day 1 — Meeting at Philadelphia office (the Congressman’s Dilemma).

Day 2 — Yankton Prison interview. Later the same day, Tammy makes her discovery of Cooper’s prints and Albert tracks down Diane.

Day 3 — Gordon and Albert recruit Diane. Second prison interview (with Diane). Possibly the same day, or the next, they fly home (Albert and Tammy wear the same clothes, but Diane has changed). They detour to Buckhorn and interrogate Bill Hastings. That night, Albert tells Gordon about Diane’s text and Tammy reveals her discovery of the photo of Cooper and the glass box.

Day 4 — They check out the coordinates site and find Ruth’s body. Hastings is killed. Back at the station, Diane reads the coordinates off the photo.

Here’s where we get weird. The next scene we see sequentially is the “Tammy induction” scene, which occurs at night (per the establishing shot) in an ambiguous space (the Mayfair according to the establishing shot, but a section we never see before or after, with evocative red curtains). Diane reverts to her clothes from her Yankton scene (i.e., Day 3, and two outfits ago)...but Albert is wearing his tie from the FIRST Yankton interview (before Diane became involved), and Tammy is wearing a new outfit which we will see again later.... I strongly suspect that this scene was moved from somewhere else, but I can’t for the life of me decide where it was originally planned to be.

We next see Diane, still in her outfit from the Yankton Prison/Tammy induction scenes, receiving Mr. C’s “Las Vegas?” text.

We next have the “French woman” scene, where Albert reads Gordon the “Las Vegas?” text, also wearing the same clothes as the Tammy induction scene.

We now get Diane BACK in her Day 4 clothes texting “coordinates +2,” strongly implying that this scene should be sequenced immediately after the Day 4 stuff. It’s unclear if the intervening material in the edit should sequentially come before or after.

We then get Gordon calling Frank, Albert telling Tammy about Lois Duffy, Diane telling them about her half-sister Janey-E, and Gordon recounting his Monica Bellucci dream. Diane and Tammy are in their outfits from Day 4 (Albert is wearing his Day 3 tie, FWIW — but I suspect the women’s clothes are the more obvious wardrobe indicator).

Finally, we get the day when Diane is shot and killed, sending us plunging into the endgame. Diane and Albert’s costumes are new...but Tammy’s is a repeat of the mysterious red curtain/induction scene, making that scene’s placement all the more ambiguous.

Can anyone make any sense of the sequencing? In particular, where do people think the induction scene fell in the original script?

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