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Electricity - It's in our house now

Posted: Sun Oct 08, 2017 1:44 am
by Doctor S
A not especially well-formulated thought that occurred to me (and has probably been mentioned elsewhere, though I couldn't find it): is there some connection between the Fireman's warning that "It is in our house now" and the treatment of electricity in The Return? This occurred to me while reading an interview Lynch gave in 2016 in which he says about electricity "There are things that come into the home, you know … things that are built or created outside the house, which all speak about the time and about the life. And then if something goes wrong with those things, or if they’re not in good working order, it can mean something else too.”

In the Giant's Castle/White Lodge we see the reaction to the Trinity test in Part 8. Dido is seated and the only sound is coming from the gramophone. This is interrupted by the alarm and light from the bell/machine/warhead which brings the Fireman to shut it off. Might it be important that the gramophone would be operated by spring/crank rather than by electricity entering as current from outside? Does the nuclear test change that or thematize a change in that relationship?