Eps vs Pts or A very silly thread turning Twin Peaks into UEFA cup or something

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Eps vs Pts or A very silly thread turning Twin Peaks into UEFA cup or something

Postby BOB1 » Sat Sep 16, 2017 3:17 pm

Please forgive me, it's just a stupid game I came up with because it's weekend and I hate to think that I should do some proper work instead ;)

"Ep." refers to the old Twin Peaks, "Pt." refers to The Return.

Ep.1 v Pt.1
3-0, not the most entertaining opening match, anyway very one-sided

Ep.2 v Pt.2
5-0, an easy smash

Ep.3 v Pt.3
2-4, that was a thrilling game! and for the first time the winner is on the other side

Ep.4 v Pt.4
4-1, 'Pt' managed to score a goal but the defence was too weak

Ep.5 v Pt.5
3-2, my favourite kind of result in football, and one of the best pairs here

Ep.6 v Pt.6
4-0, that was a proper beating

Ep.7 v Pt.7
5-2, lots of goals scored but the winner can't have been different

Ep.8 v Pt.8
6-3, by far the best game of the season but the winner can't have been different again

Ep.9 v Pt.9
2-0, a bit lifeless this time

Ep.10 v Pt.10
1-2, the second one for the Pts

Ep.11 v Pt.11
1-4, ooh the strongest Pt win so far!

Ep.12 v Pt.12
2-0, nothing much going on here but an easy win

Ep.13 v Pt.13
3-0, another beating

Ep.14 v Pt.14
7-2, not a usual number of goals to score against a rather strong opponent... but well what can you do

Ep.15 v Pt.15
4-1, a good match but no real competition

Ep.16 v Pt.16
7-2, see two floors above

Ep.17 v Pt.17
1-4, the high score is due to Eps scoring own-goals; the only goal for the Eps this time is, of course, an own goal, too... or orb-goal I should say

Ep.18 v Pt.18
1-5, like above Pts win easily, not without the help of Eps again.

All in all 13-5 for the Eps, I would have expected a stronger win.

Once again, please be aware that I am aware that this thread is pretty pointless!
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