Calling all who think the original timeline is still intact

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Re: Calling all who think the original timeline is still intact

Postby KnewItsPa » Fri Sep 22, 2017 3:21 pm

Yes, the original timeline still exists.

Dale never left the lodge. The whole of The Return is just Lodge-Laura whispering random stories into Dales ear in the Black Lodge. That's why the ultimate image is of Sheryl whispering into Kyles ear, with Kyle just staring forward blankly.
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Re: Calling all who think the original timeline is still intact

Postby mtwentz » Fri Sep 22, 2017 5:08 pm

Wonderful & Strange wrote:The original timeline is toast.

Cooper never came to investigate Laura's death.

He never met Audrey. He never met Annie.

That's why his love interest is now Diane/Linda.

The only things that wouldn't change would be things unaffected by Laura's death. Estimating all those threads is impossible.

In the Lodge, Laura tells Cooper, "I am dead, yet I live"

Could that not indicate two timelines, one in which she is alive, another (the original) in which she was killed?
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Re: Calling all who think the original timeline is still intact

Postby chromereflectsimage » Fri Sep 22, 2017 7:23 pm

I think it's still in tact. I thought the point of that last scene was that you can't change the past. How I looked at it, he was trying to change the past that Laura never died so that Mr. C never took over and did all those heinous things. I agree with those who said he's yet to leave the lodge and caught in an endless loop.
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Re: Calling all who think the original timeline is still intact

Postby Exar Kun » Fri Sep 22, 2017 8:14 pm

The original timeline exists because everything happened before, including S3, led to the events of him going back in time to save her from dying.

If it was erased, he wouldn't have the experience and knowledge about Twin Peaks, Laura, or the lodges.

If it was changed, he would've stayed in the forest never knowing why he was there. Or get transported back in 1989, at his office. Working on the Terasa Banks case.

In alternate timelines, people are still themselves. Same name, same identity. Only their lives have changed in the future, or reverted in the past because of different choices and consequences. However, the person is always the same at it's core.

I think they are not in an alternate timeline, but an alternate dimension Judy has created to feed on Laura's suffering.

Cooper somehow knows they have to have sex to make it to this dimension. Going through the 430 gateway wasn't enough. "Love and fear open doors."

They kiss, and then enter. She was trusting him, but still had a great amount of fear. It wasn't much to Cooper because he was dead set on his mission to save Laura from the other dimension. Even though he has feelings for her, he couldn't just enjoy there making love to Diane... It would've been unrealistic. Also he knew things could change, and he too felt fear. He just thought it would be enough... he just didn't know any better. It is the reason why he felt so mechanic. But Diane gets fractured and gets completely lost remembering the trauma of MR C again when she was already hesitant going there.... She gets completely consumed by this realm, becoming Linda. While Coop, even though this dark realm has affected him in some ways, is still Coop. He knows who he was. And what he has to do.

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