the story of the little girl who lived down the lane

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the story of the little girl who lived down the lane

Postby bastia » Tue Sep 05, 2017 11:53 pm ... ane_(novel)

It is about a 13-year-old girl named Rynn Jacobs who lives alone in a house, and murders people who threaten her solitary life.

Carrie Page? Sarah Palmer?

I think that the arm tried to explain both the nature of the story and the character we are trying to find.

About the black lodge.. Cooper never really leaves the lodge, it is always with him.

That is why he can see MiKe, the sequence out of the lodge are a dream, an illusion. We can see it in the peculiar path of good cooper.

First, like dougie, he behaves like we would do in a dream. Lost, only reacting with the reality our brain gives us, unaware of what really is going on, but still riding with it.

Then he DOES NOT wake. When he snap to the cooper we all know, that he is not him waking up. It is him gaining conscience that he is indeed in a dream, a LUCID dream.

As you know, if you ever have one, a lucid dream can be a great experience. You are aware that you are in a dream and you can interact as you like, changing the way of the path.

In the end, the entire sequence of the station, remind him, seeing all the people of his world, of his dream (all the characters are there, isn't strange? They all converge in one point. To find the source of the dream).

Cooper is the centre of the world, his world. The version of the world where he is being away for 25 years and his evil self runs free.

He defeats his evil self. Like he was supposed to. Without that he COULD NOT escape the dream, HE COULD NOT exit the black lodge. The lodge is not a place you can go in and out easily, like we thought.

After that, he goes to the centre of the dream. The hotel basement, finally exiting the lodge dream.(this sequence explicit hints the dream logic. The key to a reality. Mullholland dr?)

There he finds the real philippe gerard. He finally says the word, fire walk with me.

Dale then can finally make sense of it. He goes back in time, the power of time and space. The lodge gives that possibility, as jeffries discovered. But dale never really left the lodge.

Coop change the past, thanks to the lodge power, but then laura disappears.
Coop finally gained consciousness. Is it future, is it past?

He realize he is still in the lodge, that he never left it.

He is broken, he is a man finally understanding the reality of his situation. Inside the dream he was our old cooper. But in the reality, he was not. He was broken.

He exits the lodge, he has a job. But the black lodge changed him, he's quite, he's tired. He wants to finish everything and save the day. No matter what. The dream changed him, he is now a one with his evilness, he is disoriented.
He cannot understand what is real anymore, he's lost. Like jeffries. (After lucid dream, after 25 years in a world like that. Who would not?)

He is behaving like he just waken up. Reacting again.
The world is too bright for his tired eyes. He indeed changed the past, he remember he has a porpuse, an assignment, by the giant.

Save laura, kill judy.

But he could not. The real world shutts down in a paradox when Laura remembers the old universe. The one she died. All is black.

That is the story of the little girl who lived down the lane 

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