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Postby Fred » Sat Oct 12, 2019 5:35 pm

A few days ago, I watched Mark Frost's film, Storyville (1992). It's very good! Frost directed the film, and co-wrote the screenplay.

It is set in New Orleans, Louisiana. Storyville is the former "red light" district, named after Sidney Story, the New Orleans alderman who, in 1897, had the idea of putting all the illegal activities of the city into one district. This became a 13-block region centred around Basin St. To Mr Story's horror, local people gave it the unofficial name of "Storyville"! It was here that ragtime, jazz and blues flourished, attracting musicians like Louis Armstrong and Jelly Roll Morton.

The film is set c. 1990, and is about a wealthy lawyer (James Spader) who decides to run for Congress. However, he is seduced by a mysterious woman, and then, to his horror, discovers that they have been covertly filmed while making love. Blackmail! In order to discover who is blackmailing him, James Spader investigates local history, including that of his own wealthy family, and discovers corruption going back many decades! The tale culminates in a lengthy court case, in which much is revealed, and is not without some violent reactions...

I heartily recommend this movie to one and all!

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