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The Criterion Channel

Postby AgentEcho » Tue Nov 20, 2018 9:53 am

Recently, Warner Media rather callously pulled the plug on FilmStruck, the best streaming service on the internet, cutting off the service's cinephile base's access to the TCM library and the Criterion library. Either should be of interest to Lynch fans, but especially the Criterion library which has several Lynch titles (mostly shorts, Fire Walk With Me and Eraserhead).

It's a disheartening move, and for me it's mostly because of the Criterion library, which is full of classic world cinema. Fortunately Criterion has responded and will be launching its own stand alone streaming service in the spring.

You can sign up to be a charter member (for a slightly discounted subscription fee) here:

The Criterion library is invaluable, offering instant access to hundreds of titles from cinematic titans as well as a good amount of more obscure classics. As Guillermo Del Toro put it, the monthly cost for access is less than the cost of couple of trips to a fast food restaurant a month.

The world cinephile community should band together to make The Criterion Channel a success.

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