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Postby BloodyHeartland » Thu May 25, 2017 8:03 pm

Kinda hard to get a grasp on the age range or general demographic here, just wondering what fellow TP fans might enjoy as far as video games go? I grew up with the SNES mostly, then predominantly N64 and Gamecube, although there was some PS2 here and there, then the Wii. Wasn't until I got my first job and bought a 360 that my interests started expanding. Now I've got the latest consoles and probably too many games, all except the Switch which seems kind of pointless right now.

Already mentioned Deadly Premonition in previous posts so I won't get into that. There's one recently announced that I'm pretty excited for:

Probably won't mean much to anyone not familiar with Grasshopper Manufacturer, but it's a remake of a sort of side game to the Silver Case, which also got remade and finally translated not long ago after something like 15 years now I think? Crazy I got a Japanese PS2 just to play it only for the English remake to be announced right after.

I don't know what the 25th Ward is about necessarily, but if it's anything like Silver Case, I suggest both. Not exactly in line with TP but I feel it has a similar quality. Having played most of the companies other titles, Killer7 being my favorite, I hold Goichi Suda in pretty high regard despite some flawed attempts.

Anyone else have favorites, particularly with good stories or atmosphere? I'd list everything but that would take some time.

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