Dreams and meditation...

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Dreams and meditation...

Post by frompureair »

I know this will sound crazy but I've never had a dream in my entire life or if I have I don't remember them. I go to sleep thinking a million things then sleep and awake. Kind of frustrating really when listening to the dreams of others. I don't know why I can't remember them and recently I've been looking into transcendental meditation but literally don't know where to begin with that as I know none of the techniques involved. Perhaps I'm missing the ability idk just ranting at this point I guess. Anyone else lack this ability or have any type of advice to help?
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Re: Dreams and meditation...

Post by FauxOwl »

It's never been scientifically proven one way or another whether or not there are some people who never dream. Still, what is most likely happening is that you don't remember your dreams. At least every human who has been hooked up to equipment that can detect it has an REM stage when they sleep. This is the stage when people dream.

I guess one thing I could suggest, though it may be annoying, is keeping a dream journal by your bed, then setting an alarm to wake you up a couple of hours before you normally wake up. The goal would be to awaken right in the middle of an REM cycle. At that point you would have to recall if you were just having a dream, and if you remember anything at all, write it down. There's no way to be totally sure when you'd be in an REM stage... it's something you may need to try a few times setting your alarm at different times.

You can also, as you are going to sleep, set an intention to remember any dreams you may have. This is most effective when you are right about to fall asleep and your mind is suggestible.

TM won't help I'm afraid, though it might help to do a meditation where you visualize remembering your dreams.

I suppose it's possible that you are a rare kind of person who doesn't dream. Again it's never been proven such people actually exist. If you were really serious about it you could contact places doing dream research and try to participate in one of their studies.
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Re: Dreams and meditation...

Post by Maddy »

I have tons of dreams. What is very helpful is keeping a dream journal...the last one involved tons of lightning storms in Brazil and penfriends.
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