I think I get it...

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Secher Nbiw
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I think I get it...

Postby Secher Nbiw » Mon Mar 12, 2007 12:44 pm

So I saw Inland Empire, and it was something of an experience.

The movie ends, the lights are turned on again, and you look around to see that a fairly large portion of the people who came in with you, decided, halfway into the movie, that their poor behinds couldn't take much more.

You step outside and you overhear people whispering and talking, and all you can do is roll your eyes at them. You dismiss the poor mumbling souls as being part of that typical pseudo-intellectual crowd. The types who will storm out of a theater full of praise. Brilliant, genius, the best thing since sliced bread! You try to block them out of your mind, those vile hideous voices, like nails across a chalkboard, preaching the new post-modernistic take on everything artistic.

So I came out of the movie wondering what the hell I had just seen. Three hours of my life in front of a movie that stopped making sense after the first hour or so. It gets your creative juices flowing, if anything, wondering about the plot.

I never did subscribe to the notion that if something is impenetrable and dense for the sake of being dense and impenetrable, it's also the most brilliant piece of cinema since its inception. So I kept away from falling in near extasy as I tasted fresh air once again outside the theater.

Luckily for me I'm into science fiction and comics. I've grown accustomed to tempral dislocations, breaching the metatextual barriers and in the process of doing so visiting at least three alternate realities, four different dimensions, and having a go at two possible futures. Inland Empire is clear as crystal in that regard, it's science fiction, a bit of New Wave science fiction even, you know, the roaring sixties when authors managed to produce works that made trips into drug-fueled realities and paranoid-ridden ideals.

Inland Empire is science fiction, it's got all the elements of a subversive piece of science fiction.

It's the tale of a woman out of time, out of place, haunted by her parallel lives in subsequent realities. As the borders between realities bleed into each other, we as viewers are treated to some of the densest most incomprehensible narrative in modern cinema.

Now excuse me, I'll have to return to my room filled with streetwise hookers... I feel a musical number coming up.
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Postby sloclub » Mon Apr 02, 2007 4:22 am

By George I think he's got it!

I know what you mean by not falling for something being dense for denses' sake. I just didn't get Donnie Darko.
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