Possible explanation (interpretation)

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Possible explanation (interpretation)

Postby Tomcat.C » Thu Oct 08, 2009 2:51 am

Clearly understand the film in my opinion, not because lack of clear guidance. Where is reality? Who is it all happening in head?

First option. Almost the entire film is a fantasy of the young brown-haired wife, who sits on the edge of the bed, crying, looking at the "TV" in the head while running the "film".

Second option. Almost the entire film is a conscious fantasy that crazy neighbor visiting actress Nikki.

Third option. Actress Nikki is so dedicated to his film role, she lost track of what is reality and fiction film.

I am inclined to the first possibility, and because at the very beginning to show its "sex with a client", who is but I really just her infidelity to get pregnant because the husband can not have children ... Then it cuts when after making love sitting on the bed in a hotel and then somewhere in a room reminiscent of the original room, where weeping and follows the "TV", which accelerated running sitcom with rabbits and visit the neighbors crazy with Nikki. That television is not real but the television is repeatedly highlighted in the film. As if by "room with television" Lynch suggested that we are in the mind of the woman, in her unconscious ... that is in a coma. I mean a reduced state of consciousness, which is a disorder of consciousness to coma stage, ie. that woman is in a state of awake coma, or has open eyes, preserved reflexes, but does not respond at all to any stimuli (pinch, shake). So from the beginning of the sitcom until nearly the end of the film, where the brown-haired woman hears her husband come with her son, watching her imagination in a coma in which she got in mind (about the brutal) sex and who become pregnant. Coma lasted approximately 8 years of age of her child. What we experienced in the state, watching less than three hours. Perhaps because the film is repeatedly suggested that the time does not matter. The end of the film shows her finishing out of coma. The son is already great, and her husband with his own half and her son after her return home. Laura Dern was then the projection and our guide in her own mind initially imprisoned.


Brunette (lost girl) fell in love and married a man with Polish roots. They have house no. 1358 somewhere in America and would like to get pregnant with him, which is always wrong. In guile tells him she's pregnant and he admits that he can not have children, because in the Polish city where he grew up, was a chemical factory, which emit something into the air. Her maternal instinct is so strong it decides to get pregnant with another man, possibly with shared future life, which met in a bar. It's a nice Marine from North Carolina. The last thing before awake coma "vaguely" remembers (hence the "blurred" faces at the beginning of a speech "This is the room?", "Do not recognize him."), The arrival of the marines in a hotel room. But this man misjudged correctly and therefore their subsequent sex is more like the "rape" in which he "wanted destroy eye and crushed the ball." Then he falls into a coma (permanent cuts to her face during the movie -> it's "story" of women), where the "intellectual imagination", among other things, monitor and her real feelings, which made her feel (felt) like a whore it had to be unfaithful. Maybe even watch the birth pains (pain after a screwdriver stuck in the abdomen ", screwdriver in his groin -> penis in the vagina), etc. At the end of the movie from this waking coma, wakes up, sees that it is in the house of her husband, runs to greet him as him and his son, whom she bore the unconscious.

A few observations:

a) A prostitute from the beginning = brown-haired girl (lost girl).

Is there a cut when the "prostitute with opaque face" sitting topless on the edge of the bed and then we see that topless sitting on the edge of the bed, a brown-haired girl in pursuit of "TV". According to my theory this means that the brown-haired girl after sex into a awake coma, her mind is trapped in abstraction "room with television".

b) Almost entire film is an illusion brunette (lost girl) in a coma.

In the "television" watching, the brown-haired girl pursues rapid shots sitcom and the arrival of a crazy neighbor, actress Nikki. If "room with a television" only display abstraction imprisoned mind (awake coma), the brown-haired woman, he would have at normal speed footage shown sitcom, the arrival of neighbors and her subsequent interview with Nikki, plus other logically associated with the shots should be the product of the imprisoned mind. Like a dream is an illusion based on reality, and what would have experienced the brown-haired girl in a coma, would be a real. So the actress Nikki can be a real actress, the girl had ever watched the actual television, but the story of Nikki's shooting would be an illusion.

c) Onset of coma and finishing in him.

The start of work at me as if the left brunette conscious mind through before-knowledge (no. 47 room with rabbits) and end in the unconscious, as if the conscious mind returning back from the unconscious (the passage from room no. 47 guard daemon) and before-knowledge (room no. 47). It works on me and thanks to excellent text, "Polish poem", which at the very beginning Chrysta Bell singing" On the other side, I see the light, heaving waves. It is far away, far away from me. " and vice versa at the end "I see light. breathe again, and I know I must live .... I can hear my heart beating, I see your face. My hands are tied as I wish ... Something really comes, something happens.".

In the hotel room after the onset of coma is half naked, at home after "wake up" is, of course, clothes. That runs from the hotel room after a beautiful corridor, then the ugly unexpectedly the stairs and suddenly at home, I think shows that the return to the conscious mind (abstract). Awareness that the last was awake in a hotel room and now is at home. I would compare it to waking up at home "window" of alcohol.

d) Axxon N.

"Axxon N" would mean the interruption of one "x" and one "N" Axon ", which is a nerve fiber. Suspended nerves do not signal. When speaking of interrupted nerve, ie, it was nerve fiber, axon. Axon is able, unlike the body neurons, after interruption grow again to connect. In the film there are several signs "Axxon N". It could refer to brain damage (awake coma) and the possibility of a gradual recovery of the brain (the recruitment of axons) to conscious perception and movement.


I think that the "lost girl" wanted to share a future life, future and educate the child with her lover, which is wrong and because of which fell into a coma during their first sex, which unexpectedly proved to be a sadist. I think it happened in a hotel room and that sex with him perceived as infidelity mainly because it was still married and was faithful (her prayers in one shot). I also think that he still loved her husband, but that he simply could not give a child because he was infertile, which her later confessed after they were married. We do not know how exactly took place in a coma, her life ... Perhaps someone in that state found in the hotel, transported her to the hospital and later gave birth to a son, and after some time her husband drove home with the boy, who raised. At the end of the film at home in the bedroom of the coma, woke up and ran to greet her husband. Discovered that a son.
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Re: Possible explanation (interpretation)

Postby Carl » Thu Oct 08, 2009 12:46 pm

I had never cosidered the 'chemical factory' as providing for 'infertility'. An original interpretation!
I see the thing differently, but maybe not so totally. After all, a real work of Art, postmodern or not, should be strong enough to support various interpretations.
I do question the use of the term 'prostitute' to describe the casual, pick-up, sex-without-love by the various manifestations ( incarnations, in my view) of the 'woman-in-trouble.' They are 'hypnotized' or feel compelled but money is not shown to change hands ( lol, save for the 50 euros girls: cheap at that price, imo.)
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Re: Possible explanation (interpretation)

Postby Tomcat.C » Fri Oct 09, 2009 12:48 am

I think that Lynch inspired story of Terry Wallis.
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Re: Possible explanation (interpretation)

Postby Buck's Student » Sat Oct 10, 2009 8:01 am

In a similar fashion of Eraserhead, I think it's all a dream.


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