Mount Eerie's Twin Peaks Tribute

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Mount Eerie's Twin Peaks Tribute

Postby Dustin DeWinn » Sat Dec 21, 2013 2:21 pm

I don't know how many of you know Mount Eerie. It is the project by Phil Elverum who was behind The Microphones. He's changed a lot over the decades going from experimental noise rock to lo-fi folk, to more melodic noise experimentation to black metal and back to acoustic solemn folk songs. Each time he gets better.

I'm new to this forum but this is sort of old news. A more recent album of his was Wind's Poem, which payed large tribute to Twin Peaks. Phil is from Anacortes, Washington, very close to where TP was filmed. He has said in several interviews that not only was he a huge fan of the show, but he identified with it. He said once that at one point he was living in the woods in a cabin under construction and had 3 walls, one of which was only a plastic sheet, just like Leo Johnson's house.

Here's an example (I saw him live when this was released and he dragged out the TP theme for much longer):



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