Sheryl Lee and Gary Hershberger Actor’s Director Weekend Workshop Mar 11-12 2017

Sheryl Lee and Gary Hershberger Actor’s Director Weekend Workshop Mar 11-12 2017

There is a fantastic Actor’s Director Weekend Workshop that’s coming to the Seattle Art Museum March 11-12, 2017. It is a two day intensive taught by Sheryl Lee (aka Laura Palmer in David Lynch’s Twin Peaks) and Gary Hershberger from Twin Peaks, Six Feet Under, and much more. It’s for directors, actors, writers, and all artists who want to deepen their understanding of how they can interact with each other, and move from controlling a performance, to finding the moment-to-moment truth together.

Sheryl and Gary’s decades of experience in the business helped them to create this workshop which they have taught at film and theatre programs such as USC and Pepperdine. They have also taught privately and coached for years.

Limited spaces available. Here’s a link to their website for more info:

“So needed. Too often directors focus solely on the technical aspects of storytelling, rather than looking at behavior and the actor’s process.” — James Chressanthis, ASG, GSC, Cinematographer/Director (Life with Judy Garland, Ghost Whisperer, American Horror Story)

“I would highly recommend The Actor’s Director Workshop to any writer, director or actor at all levels of their career. Gary and Sheryl with their vast knowledge and expertise through years in the industry bring artists together in a fascinating and intimate experience for all involved unlike anything I’ve experienced before. They take the time with each attendee to address their personal growth and guide them to push beyond their boundaries… ” — Adam Nail, Actor

“I loved observing the evolution of change as a result of direction. The diverse talent in the room was incredible because there was an international population who all had expertise in different areas but love for the same process.” — Anahita Dalmia, USC, Narrative Studies

“It was personal, open, collaborative…in-depth and detailed work was put into running each scene.” — Gabrielle Norte, Writer/Director, Pepper dine University

If you are a director who is serious about getting the absolute best out of your cast, you must take this class. Don’t be like so many directors whose work suffers, because they simply don’t know how to work with actors. Gary and Sheryl will take the mystery out of it, because they have something you can’t fake: decades of experience. Use it to your advantage and get in this class and become what every director really wants to become… the actor’s director.” — Robert Krishnan  (Writer/Director/Producer (Christmas with the Karountzoses, Do You Wanna Dance)

Thanks to Josh for the news.