Details from Belgium Release of Blue Velvet Blu-ray – Spoilers

Details from Belgium Release of Blue Velvet Blu-ray – Spoilers

Jojos over at the Forum was kind enough to provide some very juicy details on the extras that were released on October 5th with the Belgium release of Blue Velvet. Below is the running time plus short descriptions on the Deleted Scenes that have made it to the Blu-ray release:

1. Frank beats Willard in a bar. – 03:13
2. A neighbor sees Jeffrey’s dad unconscious in his yard. – 0:26
3. Jeffrey is recalled from college when his father suffers a brain hemorrhage. Summoned from a school dance (where he watches a date rape in progress – !) Jeffrey gets the bad news on a dorm phone. – 10:39
4. Jeffrey calls Louise. – 01:49
5. Jeffrey first sees Sandy while eating cake with her mother. He also meets Sandy’s boyfriend Mike at this time. Jeffrey and Sandy go to the Slow Club. – 12:37
6. Jeffrey’s mom criticizes him for coming back home late. – 00:53
7. Jeffrey calls Louise again. – 00:47
8. Jeffrey talks to aunt Barbara before going out. – 00:54
9. At the Williams house Jeffrey makes Mike jealous by hanging out with the couple. – 08:48
10. Jeffrey calls Dorothy but it’s Frank who answers the phone. – 02:17
11. Jeffrey goes to Dorothy’s apartment. She leads Jeffrey to the apartment roof. Dorothy almost throws herself from the roof in despair. They end up making love. – 09:16

Based on the details posted, it appears that the quality is comparable to the Blu-ray transfer as all the Deleted Scenes are presented in 1080p and have full 5.1 audio mixes. Only a few more weeks till this hits the US. It sounds like MGM/Fox knocked this release out of the park.

Thanks again to Jojos for posting the details!