Calhoun Memorial Found – In Twin Peaks
Calhoun Memorial Found – In Twin Peaks

Calhoun Memorial Found – In Twin Peaks

Recently, Charles from was able to find one of the few remaining elusive Twin Peaks filming locations. You can read all about his remarkable journey to find this filming location by clicking here.

Also, if you hapen to be familiar with some of the Twin Peaks shooting locations, below is a list of the remaining locations that Charles is still looking to find. If you know where any of these may have been filmed or if you know anyone that may know, please post in this thread or drop Charles an email.

Bank – Safety Deposit Box Office


Donna and James Get Pulled Over


Necklace Burial Spot


Johnson Residence – Interior


From Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
Jacques’ Cabin Spot (cabin built for the film. not there anymore)


Harold Smith’s House


Laura Meets Ronette, Leo & Jacques in the Woods


FBI Offices/Hallway



Pink Room

From the TV Series:

Bank from Episode 29
Jacoby’s Office Exterior
Packard Sawmill Exterior – Episode 7
Ben Meets Leo in the Woods – Episode 4
Necklace Burial Spot – Episode 4
Windom Earle Kidnaps Briggs
Briggs/Cooper Campsite