Updates to Dugpa.com Website

Over the last week or so, we’ve made a bunch of updates to the site. Some of which you may notice such as the new color schemes to the message board or the modifications to the layout of the main page. Behind the scenes, a bunch have changes have been made including a fix to the existing Dugpa.com RSS Feed which will now work on both Firefox and Internet Explorer versions that support RSS. In addition, one of the most exciting updates is that now each time I submit a David Lynch news article, the article header and link to the article will now automatically be submitted to Twitter. The result is a fully integrated site that provides you options on how get your fix of David Lynch news.

This of course was not a trivial task. All the credit goes to a very talented Web Developer named Robert Maiolo at
Refined Rapture.com. He is responsible for all the behind the scenes changes. So if you are looking for an extremely talented Web Developer, Robert IS the Man.