Lynch in Moscow

Last week David Lynch visited Russia for the first time to promote three of his works. David presented the Russian public two of his exhibitions, “Fetish” and “The Air is on Fire”, plus his book “Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness and Creativity”. Lynch arrived in Moscow on Monday, April 6th, accompanied by his wife Emily Stofle and Christian Louboutin. On Tuesday they took a tour of the city, followed by the opening of the “Fetish” exhibiton. This joint work of David Lynch and Christian Louboutin features a mixture of photography and fashion. At first, Lynch asked Louboutin to construct a shoe collection for his exhibition in Paris at Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson. Louboutin in turn asked Lynch to make photographs of his other works. He asked that the photos say that shoes, created by Louboutin, can only be the subject of fetishism. According to Lynch, he wanted to place these photos in a secret, mystical and safe place where you can give rein to your desire.

Here are some photos of press-conference and exhibition, booklet about exhibition and also audio of press-conference. Next, on April 10, the exhibition Air is on Fire will have opened. In Russian, its name was translated as “Aura of Passion”. Originally exhibited at the Fondation Cartier in Paris in 2007, it explores the multiple facets of his work, bringing together paintings, photographs, drawings, lithographs, experimental films, and sound design created as early as 1960.

On Saturday, April 11th, David Lynch gave a kind of master class to students of Russian State Cinema University (VGIK). The small hall of VGIK could not seat all the attendees, so people had to stand in the aisles, sitting on windowsills and even up the on stage, near Lynch’s feet. Mainly, Lynch answered audience questions. “Do you dream at night?”, “What is your interest of Eastern Europe and Russia in particular?”, “Do you plan to ever make a full-length cartoon?”;, “How do you not lose yourself and work at the time of world crisis?”, “I want to work with you, my name is…, phone number…”, “I had nightmares for five years after you released Mulholland Drive”, “Do you believe in God?”, “Do you think, Barack Obama would be a good actor?”. One girl could not think of a better question to ask other than the sacramental question: “Who killed Laura Palmer?” The audience had exploded with laughter, and Lynch calmly but strongly answered: “I think you know WHO killed Laura Palmer”. By the end of the meeting he promised to visit Moscow again, and it seemed very sincere. Finally, at the end of the day Lynch signed his books for all who came to the “Moskva” bookstore. The book “Catching the Big Fish” was published in Russian in March. The queue of fanss waiting for autographs stretched out about 100 meters. The books at the store sold out in half an hour. Unfortunately, the time was limited and not all fans were able to meet Lynch. It can be expected that the book has a serious chance to become a bestseller in Russia, just like in US. We hope David liked Russia and was pleased with the attention the Russian fans showed to his visit. He was always surrounded with crowd, which we did not expect to be so large. We shall have great pleasure to see him again! On April 12th, David Lynch left Moscow for Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, where he will stay for a few days.

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