Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me on Blu-Ray

In a recent chat with Warner Bros. over at the Home Theater Forum, they revealed possible plans for an upcoming Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me Blu-Ray DVD:

[Chuck] … I would like to ask about a few titles from Newline if I might. Would like to find out about the Jason movies that you all have and also TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME…any Blu-Ray plans?

[warnerbros] The Jason movies we have are arriving on BD soon, at least one this year. TWIN PEAKS is not in the cards for the moment……but it will be 🙂

As we know this would be an ideal opportunity to finally see the release of the Deleted Scenes to Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, if not, the last opportunity for another 7-10 years. The original folks at New Line had expressed interest in releasing the Deleted Scenes. Let’s hope that Warner Bros. feels the same way. Be sure to send an email of support and let them know that you want to see Deleted Scenes to FWWM on the upcoming Blu-Ray DVD by clicking here. Thanks to John Viola from the FWWM Fight Website, Justin Seremet, Johnathan Sanders, and everyone else that wrote in with the news. Discuss this article over at the Discussion Forum.