Dark Reel DVD Available this Tuesday

The film, “Dark Reel” will be released this Tuesday on DVD and Blu-ray. This film comes from Josh Eisenstadt who worked on producing many of the extras for the Twin Peaks Season 1, Season 2, and Gold Box DVD as well as the New Line Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me DVD. The film also stars Rena Riffel of “Mulholland Drive” and Tracey Walter of “On the Air” and who was also featured in a Deleted Scenes from “Wild at Heart” which appears on the recent Lime Green Box Set. In addition, “Dark Reel” features music by Adam Harding who also worked on producing many of the extras from the Twin Peaks Season 2 and Gold Box DVD set. If that wasn’t enough, the film features an outstanding 5.1 sound mix and sound design by none other than the amazing John Neff. I’ve seen this film and it is fantastic! Click below to order your copy from