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Twin Peaks Season 2 Music and More Local Retailer Disappointment

Today was a bit of a disappointment for fans trying to get the new CD at their local music retailer. So far, I have absolutely no reports of the CD being found at any of the local retailers. I’m speculating that the distribution company, Ryko Distribution probably underestimated the demand for this disc and only supplied the online retailers such as and which both have been confirmed as shipping the disc out yesterday and today. This is probably why they updated their site to move the release date back 1 week. The strange thing is that while has updated their site to list the title as being available, they also list the title shipping in 3-5 weeks. Even more strange is that some people who have placed orders today were notified that it had shipped today while others are still pending shipment. If you have managed to get a copy at your local retailer, post over at the Discussion Board to help get the word out. Also, I would advise that if you are planning on getting it local, you may want to ask your local retailer to special order it for you as some of the local retailers may have also underestimated the demand and have not ordered more than 1 or 2 copies if any at all. I’m working on getting some more info on the local retailer situation. If I hear anything, I’ll post it on the site.