LYNCH (one) Mini Review

I saw the LYNCH(one) documentary in London last night, along with the LYNCH (two)film, which I had seen on the Region 1 DVD but which, I’m assuming, not many other people had seen. A lot of Lynch enthusiasts showed up to see the films. The documentary was surprisingly funny, mainly due to Lynch himself, who absolutely shined at every moment. I thought it gave great insight into Lynch’s personality and took an admirably subdued and unobtrusive approach that gels well with how Lynch is as a person. The film actually looked a lot like IE, probably just because they both used DV. It seemed like the 50+ people who showed up were big Lynch fans — the people who hosted the event even played Julee Cruise’s Floating Into the Night(!). It set the mood perfectly for the movie, and I think everyone had a great time. Too bad Lynch himself wasn’t there for questioning! But Jon, the producer, who I saw recently posted on the boards, was really nice and (very kindly) answered a lot of audience members’ questions. I look forward to the third documentary!

Thanks to Michael Umberger for the review.

Twin Peaks Season 2 Music and More Shipped from Amazon

Many folks have notified me that the Twin Peaks Season 2 and More Soundtrack CD has shipped today from Earlier, some folks were concerned that the release date hd been pushed to October 30th as per the listing on some online sites and however, I have been assured by the folks at Absurda that tomorrow IS the release date. For folks that are going to purchase their copies at their local stores tomorrow, I have set up a post over at the Discussion Board for people to post which stores are carrying the CD on the release date. The INLAND EMPIRE soundtrack was about a week late at some of the major chains such as Best Buy. Hopefully we can collect enough information to point our readers in the right direction to be able to grab this gem tomorrow. Also, I’m thinking about setting up an online listening party similar to what they do over at where fans can gather in our chatroom at a specific time, synchronize their CDs (in this case, the Season 2 Soundtrack CD) and have fun chatting while listening to the CD together. It would be kind of like an online virtual listening party. I know, sounds geeky, but what the hell… If you are interested, check out the following post for more details.