A Message from the David Lynch Documentary Crew

Note from the DL documentary crew

hi everyone……….. we are getting ready to launch the film in the states and are asking for all of your help in getting the word out. we are a very grass roots operation and are proud of it, but we also understand the downside of this type of promotion——- basically we wont be able to inform everyone we want to unless we can find a way to reach them……….. this is where you guys come in. we will send out bulletins but ask that you forward those bulletins to other myspacers or copy those bulletins and forward them in emails to anyone that you think might want to see this film. we apologize in advance if you receive repeat bulletins but as we all know, if you dont see a bulletin the minute it is posted it can get buried in the stack, never to be seen again.

i guess that is it…….. well, there is 1 more thing……. as we go along in this process we are trying to get the film into as many theaters as possible but sometimes theater owners are hesitant. if you would like to see this film please HARRASS your local art house theater and tell them to contact ABSURDA———- and we will do everything in our power to get the film to you.

THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the LYNCH team

Thanks to Annie for the news. Also, check out our previous post for details on the upcoming screenings.