Twin Peaks Ripoff Game Coming in 2008 for PS3 and XBox 360

Announced last week at the Tokyo Video Game Show was a titles going by the name of Rainy Woods in what looks to be a very blatant Twin Peaks ripoff. The game story is about a girl that gets murdered somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. An FBI Agent is called in to investigate. Based onthe trailer and the photos below, you can see the game creators went above a simple homage and are completely ripping off Twin Peaks. If locations weren’t enough, they feature characters with VERY strong likenesses to Agent Coper, Sheriff Truman, Andy (bumbling but this time with glases), the Red Room (this time with 2 midgets), and even a singer at a nightclub with Red Curtains. There is also a deputy that is a dead ringer for Naomi Watts. While I think the idea of a Twin Peaks video game would be great, I can’t help to think that if they were going to go this far, they should have worked something out with Lynch to do it right. I’ll let you be the judges on this one. Check out the pics and video below or you can download a hi-res version here.

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