Twin Peaks Season 2 Soundtrack Available for Release on October 23rd According to Ryko Distribution

After several delays and an announcement almost one year ago, Ryko Distribution has finally listed the Twin Peaks: New Season 2 Soundtrack for release on October 23rd 2007. Although it’s being labeled as a Season 2 Soundtrack, our sources tell there’s a good chance that the upcoming CD will possibly include a few tracks from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, Twin Peaks Season 1, and the Pilot. It should be available for pre-order on shortly.

Screenshots from the Newly Remastered Twin Peaks Pilot DVD

Get ready to see a preview of what the upcoming Remastered Twin Peaks Pilot will look like. It seems that France is the first to get a copy of the Remastered Pilot as Emanuelle over at has just posted some screenshots comparisons from the French Twin Peaks Season 1 DVD set. The clarity is astounding and finally puts the Pilot in the same world as the rest of the Remastered Episodes. Woo Hoo! Check them out by clicking here or for additional screenshots click here.

Special thanks to Emanuelle over at Discuss this topic over at the Discussion Board.

Interview with Brenda Reed and More Behind the Scenes Twin Peaks Photos

Check out a great interview by our man Jerry Horne by clicking here.