Lynch Fetish Nudes Photos

Lynch recently shot a series of nudes. Discuss them with others over at our Discussion Board. Thanks to Hervé for the link.

MK2 Release of FWWM DVD is a Re-Packaging

I’ve gotten word back that the upcoming Twin Peaks: FWWM DVD release on MK2’s Website is merely a repackaging and re-pricing of the existing DVD. Let’s hope that it is in preparation for a deluxe release of some sort. Thanks to Emmanuel Delune at Lists More Details on INLAND EMPIRE DVD Release is now listing a new feature for the DVD set entitled “Ballerina” – short film. I am guessing it is the film that was released at Cannes. Also, they have an exclusive clip that you can check out by clicking here. Thanks to Asaf Shemesh for catching this one.

Madchen Amick Talks Twin Peaks DVD Box Set

Check out the article over at Thanks to Carlo Ruberto.

Dumbland Article at

Check out the article over at Thanks to Dave Rockin’ for the link.